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California Millennial Starts Company to Appreciate Senior Citizens

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   A Long Beach resident was so fed up with how we were treating our senior citizens, he founded a company to make the the change we needed. After three of his four grandparents passed away, James Mason, founder of Living Memory, realized that elderly people are an extremely valuable resource and are largely forgotten. James says we need a new stance,  “We tend to think of resources as physical things such as oil, food, or iron. But there is so much history and experience hidden in every human life that we lose when they pass away. We need to appreciate our elderly people as if they are precious resources like precious metals, because they are!”

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   James founded Living Memory as a way for people to properly appreciate the experiences and stories that our loved ones have to tell. James states his mission “We have so much to learn from our parents and grandparents and it is our duty to pass their wisdom along to the future generations.” 

   You can find out more about how to get your own video memoir on their website. We have seen some of the videos that Living Memory has put together, and we are definitely getting one made for our parents!