The Life in Times of Orange County

Senior Citizens Find New Life in Video Memoirs

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   We have all heard of Living Memory but more and more people are taking the plunge and creating video memoirs. Founder James Mason says "We have people reaching out to us from all over the US and Canada." Although they are a California based company, the majority of their requests are coming from Texas. Not to be out done by a bunch of cowboys, we are offering to pay for 50% of the first three people to request video memoirs and mention "Life in Times of Orange County"! It is important to have a genuine passion for what you do and you can really feel it when you hear James talk about his project. Here is a video that he says always generates a lot of interest.

   James founded Living Memory as a way for people to properly appreciate the experiences and stories that our loved ones have to tell. James states his mission “We have so much to learn from our parents and grandparents and it is our duty to pass their wisdom along to the future generations.” 

   You can find out more about how to get your own video memoir on their website.